New home snag lists & Pre purchase surveys

Buying a new home or house is not an everyday purchase for most of us, even when you find 'the perfect' property that ticks all the boxes on your must have list & of course within budget! New home snag list inspections, snagging of new build and pre purchase surveys of existing buildings both residential and commercial are paramount when making an informed decision. Assuming a new home is problem free or the apartment or house you've committed to buy is without issues would be an error of great proportions.

A snag list ensures a safe home compliant with building regulations

Many new home buyers believe that a snag list just covers 'cosmetic' snagging issues, this is just a small fraction of our Snag List Checklist
Building regulation compliance, health and safety, electrical, heating & renewable energy systems are just some of the key criteria in our Snag list checklist inspection process encompasses. To view a snag list example or template snag list from Conspect......Click here


Quality of workmanship and build are the basis of a 'Snag List' which is a report presented to the builder to correct the snag list defects found.
Pre purchase surveys on older and existing homes detail maintenance (or problems due to the lack of) - short, medium and long term costs and investment are listed on our Survey reports

Snag Lists & Surveys

Top quality snag list inspections & pre purchase homebuyers surveys available in Dublin city & Dublin county, Across Leinster including Kildare, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath and Dundalk. Call us to discuss your plans to buy a new home, existing property on the market, pre 63' homes & commercial premises we are here to advise on the best report to suit your purpose. To contact Conspect and obtain a no obligation quote Click here

What our clients say

Conspect engineering pride ourselves on our quality home survey and snag list inspection services with hands on advice for home buyers
Apartment building surveys | apartment snag lists

S. Allman

Property investor

"Over the last decade investing in properties in Dublin whilst living far removed from Ireland proved effective and was expedited in no small part by Conspect's engineers and surveyors. Provision of excellent technical expertise with impartiality and a form of sincerity or 'real world engineering' and advice that has been greatly appreciated by myself and my associates.
I can recommend Mike and the team at Conspect as an asset to any property acquisition process having proved indispensable in all conveyancing matters.. Definitely use these guys in the future"

N. Kumar

N. Kumar

New home owner, Ballycullen Green Dublin 24

"Best Snag list in detail
Best Snag list in detail. Mike has seriously very good experience in finding even tiny little details. He found major and minor issues on our new build and also the cost he charged is very competitive compared with current market. We strongly recommend Micheál

Natalie Doherty

Natalie Doherty

New home snag list Co. Kildare

"We began the process of buying a house in early 2022 and once we went sale agreed, we looked online to get our own report done and sent off a quote to Mike. He rang a day later and gave us very honest advice that a snag list was really what we were looking for, not a building survey because the house was 2 years old. Due to his upfront nature and excellent guidance, we decided to go with Mike. The survey and report was done with exceptional speed and his pricing was the best around.

Unfortunately that sale fell through and when we went Sale Agreed on another property, one of the first calls we made was to Mike to conduct a snag list of the house. We were very happy to work with him again. Like the first time, the survey and report was done with exceptional speed, the advice was second to none and we really enjoyed Mike's personable nature. Without a doubt, we would recommend to anyone to engage with Mike, especially First Time Buyers, as his guidance, advice and honesty is vital in undertaking this important step in life.



New homeowner - Swords, Dublin

Mike carried out a re-snagged on our house last week and we were very impressed with the things he identified. He was incredibly thorough particularly with our complicated heating system and his findings will save us alot of hassle down the road. It’s worth noting these issues were not picked up by another company that carried out our original snag a few weeks previous. I would highly recommend!"

W. Cooney

W. Cooney

New home owner, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

"We asked Conspect to inspect a newbuild which we had purchased. Mike took care of all the arrangements directly with the builder in relation to organizing the appointment and gaining access to the property. Mike was exceptionally thorough and his report extremely well laid out and easy to follow. We would highly recommend this company."


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