Pre purchase structural inspection service

Pre Purchase property surveys

At Conspect Engineering our team of chartered engineers, project managers & surveyors provide pre-purchase surveys & building condition surveys on all types of houses, apartments and buildings.

Conspect Engineering provide building surveyor services across Dublin city and Dublin county and all surrounding counties in Leinster. pre-purchase surveys | home buyers survey | commercial building survey | listed building surveys | pre 63 building surveys are just a few of the property inspection and report types we offer. To see the variety and range of inspirational homes inspected by Conspect – Click here to view some of the new homes snagged or surveyed by our team

A pre purchase house survey carried out on a property surveyed in  Dublin that was a Pre 63 modernized residence

The types of common defects and issues vary dependent on the type and age of the property surveyed. Further information on home or building your are potentially purchasing are grouped into 3 main type’s from the building and home type’s / ages below:

Further information on the detail and potential issues the surveyor will be reporting on can be found by choosing from the building type below click the ‘more info.’ button or click ‘ get a Quote’ for a simple no obligation process – follow the link to our contact form page, use a short form with your details and either a or link to the property you intend to purchase which will enable our staff to provide a fixed fee proposal for your pre purchase home survey.

Alternatively if your not sure or want to ask any questions about surveys, home inspections or get professional advice – Just click on ‘Call to discuss your requirements’ we are happy to assist.

Pre purchase survey for New build properties


Pre purchase survey for Houses less than 40 years old.
Pre purchase survey for Apartments less than 40 years old

pre purchase surveys for newer homes

Structural survey for period buildings and pre 63 properties


Pre purchase survey for houses more than 40 years old
Pre purchase survey for apartments more than 40 years old
Structures older than 1963
Listed buildings / protected structures

More Info. Get a Quote
listed building surveys | pre 63 building surveys

Commercial building Survey – Property Survey & Dilapidation surveys


Surveys for all Commercial Building types which are for retail, industrial, office building or other commercial purposes
Commercial building survey on commercial property of all ages & types of building
Dilapidation surveys & schedules of condition for lease agreements on commercial property

Conspect engineering snag lists and home surveys | defect analysis | expert legal witness | specialist construction testing | building contractor mediation
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