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snag list example | new house snagging list report

-Snag list report sample below is a new build house sold in County Dublin, Ireland.
-The property would be considered to have more than the average level of snag issues including specification & energy
appliance features that were omitted or with defects requiring repair / remediation by the builder to ensure compliance & satisfactory normal operation.
– Conspect snag inspectors under take CpD (Continual professional Development) in all manner modern energy improvements, renewable technology and ‘green’ building materials, methods and features that are now mandatory in buildings to comply with Part L of the TGD (Technical Guidance Document) of the building regulations.
– This snag list example and particular new home had a decorative finish & standard of workmanship that contained 105 snags. It would be considered more than the average number of snag issues for a property of its size.
– This New house snagging list report is the primary or initial snag list report which was written within approx. 2 working days from the inspection date, a copy of the report was sent to the builder to correct the defects found and a copy of the snag report was also emailed to the homeowner / client for their record.
Following on from this report our client was contacted by the builder a couple of weeks later and confirmation was given that all snags had been rectified. At this point our client requested that we carry out a re Inspection snag list and provide a follow up / final snag list report. Issues surrounding the heating system had been resolved which also allowed for a complete re inspection and checks on commissioned heating system features (circulation pumps, solar thermal system & Gas Boiler etc.). The secondary site inspection and snag report also allowed for checks and grading of all snag issues on our 1st report while ensuring any new items were included.




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Background details for the property contained in the house snag list report example:
*All properties contain snag issues that are specific to the the building, house or apartment unit being inspected.
*The sample snag report should in no way be used as a template to guide a novice when carrying out the snag list
checklist and inspection process undertaken by engineers, building surveyors or architects / finishing foreman
employed and trained by Conspect & Dublin Surveys.
*Please note: – The address of the snag inspected house & client details have been removed from this sample
snag report to protect both our client and the vendors privacy.
However the snag list format sample report and information the snagging list example report contains are exactly as recorded and written by our engineer for each individual property, home or building and the snag issues are only relevant to the specific unit and address detailed.

When you make a booking for a new home snag list you will receive :

The new home buyers record & A snag list on a new house or property will provide the home owner with a extensive report for presentation to the builder to correct the defects and snag issues. The snag list report also serves as a ‘historic record’ should a corrected problem reoccur during occupancy by the home owner & warranty allows for recourse to demand further repair.

The builders snagging team and trades to correct the outstanding issues found in our snag reports

C: Conspect Engineering’s company motto:

” We Find it, List it & Get your Builder to fix it ! “

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