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Snag lists for new houses. New house snag list and professional snagging inspections can be carried out in Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Westmeath.

A new house snag list on will provide the home owner with a extensive report for presentation to the builder to correct the defects and snag issues.

Snag lists for a house has all the internal fixtures, fittings, heating, electrical & plumbing checks that are carried out during a snagging inspection & report. House snag lists also include external items such as the envelope of the building, roof, boundary walls, driveways and landscaping etc.

A house snag list inspection includes the visual check and physical inspection and use of your heating system ( heat pumps, gas boilers, solar thermal panels – hot water,  Solar PV – electrical creation solar, ventilation MHRV, on demand boilers, oil fired systems, back boilers and room stoves)
When making a booking or appointment for a new home snag list inspection please feel free to ask any questions or during the snag visit.

Our top tips for inspections of snag lists on new houses:

  • Never accept pressure from the builder to snag the house prior to his actual completion of all works
  • Shortly before the completion date and snag list inspection call the builder to check if services such as gas and electricity are connected. A complete thorough snag lists for new houses and in depth inspection can be carried out if heating, water and electrical fittings can be tested during the snag list inspection.
  • If alterations from the standard home fit have been requested of the builder, make sure to advise our snag list inspector prior to the snag list inspection to ensure the report will take account of any extras or alterations.

house snag list | new home snagging service

House snag list prices :

  • 2 Bedroom house snag list – €200 (incl.)

  • 3 Bedroom house snag list – €230 (incl.)

  • 4 Bedroom house snag list – €290 (incl.)

  • 5 Bedroom house snag list – €390 (incl.)

Terms & Conditions of snag list service:

*The prices listed above are the total snag list cost for one site visit and a report of our findings (the snag list report). These prices are for Dublin city. – Dublin North side & Dublin South side .

Parts of County Dublin, Co. Louth, Co. Meath, Co. Kildare, Co. Westmeath and all counties in the West of Ireland incur a fuel surcharge, please click the link here to get your fixed fee > contact our office < for your snag list price. If your nearing completion of sale on your new home in Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Westmeath contact us for booking of an affordable snag list, comprehensive and independent snag list inspection and detailed report.

The fee for second snag visit & report: 1 bed = €150 (inc.), 2 bed = €150 (inc.), 3 bed = €170 (inc.), 4 bed = €180 (inc.), 5 bed = €220 (inc.),

– Please note – 2nd upper floor living rooms, offices etc. are counted as ‘bedrooms’ when pricing a snag list. If in doubt just contact a member of our snagging team on 089-2488004 for fixed quote.

Booking snag list Dublin, Meath, Kildare or Westmeath can be arranged by calling :
Snag list no. : 089 2488004   or alternatively please send the following snag list booking information detailed below through our Contact Form

– Your Name :

– Full Property Address :

– Your Contact phone number & Email :

– Contact Name & phone number of builder / or foreman on site / or Estate agent

Our Snag list staff will contact you directly with availability & Quote.

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