Why engage a Loss Assessor or a claims assessor ?

A Loss Assessor or Claims Assessor is a professional who can carry out the assessment and preparation, negotiation and settlement of insurance and other claims on behalf of an insurance policyholder.

As structural engineers and building surveyors we work alongside loss assessors on a regular basis, one such loss assessor is John Manion from claims Assist loss assessors Ireland. Working with claims assist we see the value a loss assessor brings to an insurance claim.

A common attitude adopted by property owners is to try and manage their insurance claim themselves, this is a ‘fools errand’ when you are privy to the complexities of insurance polices, policy terms and conditions & claims handling procedure , professional loss adjusters with the sole purpose of negating the insurance companies payout amount or denying liability altogether. Add in all the engineering / technical construction details in reports and you can begin to see how important a role a loss assessor can play in your claim and we have found in many insurance claims a loss assessor is the key to getting paid and your full entitlement to properly cover the loss you have suffered.

When the past situation demands we recommended to our clients to engage a loss assessor when a published defect report on a given issue at their building or home – whether it is a collapsed drain, damaged chimney, chimney fire, house fire or any of a multitude of problems that require an insurance claim.

Our insurance claim engineering reports usually have the home owner asking us “why do I need an insurance Loss assessor ? When it seems straight forward from our damage report what the cause of the issue is?”

Your insurance company won’t usually see it so cut & dry, they will throw their own engineers & loss adjusters at the claim to either lower the sum paid out to you the home owner or in the worst case scenario – Deny payment on the claim altogether & not accept liability.
Once the loss assessor takes on the claim ( on a no win no fee basis) the client is protected and represented by the loss assessor, conditions of the policy are no longer problems to avoid. the unique understanding the loss assessor has usually means clients end up getting higher settlement payouts, quicker claim resolution & without the hassle of having to deal with the insurance company.
Our collaboration with claims assist loss assessors Ireland is an example of how they use specialists with the expertise to provide concise reporting on a building defect / damage.

At Conspect engineering & Dublin surveys we specialize in defect analysis – as your loss assessor would advise you, clear quality technical reporting & proximate cause reports can be the difference in an insurance claim being settled or denied. Claims assist loss assessors Ireland have a panel of specialist survey and testing companies including :

NOLAN DRAINS – CCTV drain surveys & sewer inspection surveys

CAPITAL DRAIN SERVICES – CCTV drain surveys & Sewer inspection surveys, cracked and damaged drain pipe repairs

NATIONWIDE CHIMNEYS – chimney CCTV inspection, chimney camera inspection, chimney repair Galway, chimney repair Limerick, chimney repair cork

CHIMNEY IRELAND – chimney CCTV inspection, chimney camera inspection, chimney repair Dublin, chimney repair Athlone, chimney repair Tullamore.

CITY DRAIN DUBLIN – Pipe Rehabilitation | Lateral Pipe Lining | Drain
pipe repair | drain cleaning service | drain cleaning cost | all drain cleaning | drain jetting | drain unblocking | CCTV drain surveys | Insurance work undertaken for drain and sewer repair | Relining service

To sum up, if the roof was damaged in a storm, chimney went on fire or clay drains collapsed at my own home & like anyone I would put a claim in against my home insurance policy – but I am in the ‘industry’ & an engineer with a good understanding of insurance claims that involve building damage, I would most definitely call a loss assessor such as John Manion in claims assist Ireland – I would think myself foolish not to engage a loss assessor to ensure a smooth path for my claim & the maximum payout to cover the work required. No matter the depth of my construction knowledge and experience I will openly admit that I’m not an insurance policy expert

Further information on Claims Assist Loss assessors Dublin  – Galway & Limerick can be viewed on their new mobile friendly website – just click to follow direct to Claims Assist professional Loss Assessors:

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